Every Act an Act of Magic

Magic, to me, is as much about a state of conscious awareness as it is about working some spell to influence events in the mundane or spiritual worlds. It is about being aware and awake and noticing the openings in the fabric of space and time. These openings occur frequently throughout your average day, but most people never notice them, because they are fixated on their problems or their busy schedules, or have insufficient sensitivity.
However magical training of any description acts to increase one’s sensitivity to the energetic quality of every moment, and to begin perceiving the interweaving of different levels of consciousness in others and one self, and with the fabric of life. This provides an avenue for magical intention to be instantaneously brought to bear in the course of an ordinary day, to influence things according to the Will, or higher purpose, of the practitioner. While some mystical path ways adopt an approach of steeping aside to allow the higher consciousness, conceived as other, to work through the practitioner, the western approach, according to my understanding, is to develop the conscious awareness and volition to the point where it is unified with the Will. One’s purpose then becomes indistinguishable from the Greater Purpose, and indeed, an agent of the Greater Purpose.
Each day presents a multitude of opportunities to exercise the magical will. Each interaction with the world, whether it be a conversation, a chore, a task, a pastime, even watching the television, is an opportunity for the Will to operate. In each such theatre of engagement, there is a moment of opportunity, when the energies are aligned, and the exercise of magical intention can tip things towards the manifestation of the Greater Purpose.
Yesterday, for example, I was sweeping the floor. Yet at the same time, I was channelling light energy through the broom, and cleansing the floor and environment on an energetic level, as well as a physical level. Such cleansing is an act of magical intention, leaving an energetic mould for love and inspiration in the domestic environment. As I walked to work, I intended the movement of beautiful red brown earth energy up through my feet with each step, filling my aura, and overflowing into the surrounding space.
Then I got carried away with my job, and didn’t magical intend anything specific for awhile, but hey – I am working on it! Talking to people is a great opportunity for allowing one’s magical intention to operate. For example, when listening to someone speak, I will sometimes focus my awareness on my heart chakra, and intend that an atmosphere of loving acceptance surround us, speaker and listener.
So this is my motto– “Every Act an Act of Magic”. In Latin, Sulus factum magus, with apologies to any Latin scholars! In honour of the importance of this principle, and to remind me to endeavour to always live up to it, I have named this site “Sulus Factum Magus”. With the help of the Gods, may it be ever so.