I am Her Lover

Man has failed
And we teeter on the brink of doom.

I reject manhood and all its implications
I reject manhood and all its failings
I reject the pecking order, the top dog and the underdog
I reject the hero ready to save all comers
I reject the drinker with a skin full of liquor
I reject swearing and crudity and objectifying others
I reject the sexuality of power and privilege
I reject ownership of others
I reject the boss in myself and others
I reject the lure and exercise of power
I reject investments in the economy of desecration and despair
I reject the idea that money talks
I reject taking my due
I reject the idea that anything is rightfully mine
I reject judgement, damnation, playing hard, knowing better
I reject providing, endless work, and the measurement of worth in coin.
I reject adulation, and the worship of the phallus in business, church or state
I reject the pursuit of wealth at the expense of others.
I reject the use of fear and threat.

Man has failed.

I am a seed carrier, a giver of sensual delight.
I am a seer, a hearer, a smeller.
I am a raiser, a creator, a friend, a lover.
Always a child of Herself
Always Her lover
All else is naught.

We are people of the new dawn
We are expressions not perversions
Love and light guide us through the dark night of Man’s making.